What is Listening Mothers™?

The aim of the program is to help parents develop skills to enhance their ability to understand and build stronger relationships with their children. Listening Mothers™ aims to build confidence by expanding their understanding of the meaning of their children’s behavior. This understanding helps parents better regulate their own and their child’s emotions with the intention to become less reactive and more reflective. Parents who are able to regain a state of calm are more engaged, more effective, and therefore feel empowered and successful.

What is the difference between PEPS and Listening Mothers™?

PEPS is a great support group for moms (and dads) that meets at participants homes and is run by volunteers who encourage peer support and sharing of ideas as well as discussion of relevant and often planned topics. Listening Mothers™ groups are run by trained professionals including nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and doulas and more, who specifically trained in infant social emotional development. The groups are small being no more than 7 moms and their babies in a group to allow for exchange, focus, discovery and growth. Listening Mothers™ is a curriculum based on years of research focusing on topics that strengthen the mother-baby bond through discussion and reflection. If you would like to learn more about the Program, click Listening Mothers™

Where do groups meet?

We meet at a number of different locations in and around the Greater Seattle Area and around the country. To see our current schedule, click Listening Mothers™.

When do I start the program?

Listening Mothers™ is for mothers with babies birth – to 6 months. There is no minimum age you and your baby can join a group, but we ask that babies be no more than 6 months old. We hope to offer a Mindful Parenting class for parents babies older than 6 months in the future.

How many participants will be in the class?

Class sizes vary, but between 5-8 mothers and their babies.

Who attends the classes?

Listening Mothers™ is currently geared toward mothers and their babies, but we are looking at opportunities to invovle and engage partners. Parenting is a partnership so above all else, we encourage consistency and that the attending partner share their learnings.

Can I bring my baby to class?

Our Listening Mothers™ program is intended for mothers and their babies. We encourage you to bring your baby!

Do you provide childcare for my older child?

Please inquire with your facilitator directly, this is sometimes an option.

Can I talk with someone about either program before I commit to join?

Absolutely! Please contact us using our CONTACT PAGE and someone will follow up with you shortly.

I have other children - can I still benefit from attending the Listening Mothers™ program?

Listening Mothers™ is for mothers with children birth – 6 months old. Listening Mothers™ offers a unique look into self, scientific insight into why we engage on the levels we do and how to cultivate healthy attachment with our new babies and families. There are several life long calming practice skills that are practiced. Every child adds a unique dynamic to a family. Parenting is a continual journey. Our classes are designed to broaden parents sense of mindfulness and to help with those transitions.

See our Partner Programs for alternative age options.

What is the cost and time commitments of the programs?

Listening Mothers™ meets weekly for eight weeks and are two hours long. The fee is $195. In most cases there are partial SCHOLARSHIPS available for those in need. EAP credits for Microsoft employees are accepted. If you have questions, please send us a message using the CONTACT US page.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Partial scholarships are available. To apply, click HERE.

I'm not sure which group to join or where to find the nearest group to me.

Please see our Listening Mothers™ page for a list of current classes and facilitators. You can also email us, and we will be happy to assist you.

I know which group I would like to join. How do I register?

Fill out the Registration Form. Someone will contact you with in a couple days to discuss your specific situation and confirm your enrollment.

What is the policy on vaccinations?

The Community of Mindful Parenting deeply values creating a safe space for mothers and babies to come together during their first six months to grow and learn. Because the babies who come to our Listening Mothers™ groups are most at risk for having serious complications from pertussis, Listening Mothers™ feels strongly that we need to create an environment of safety, especially for those babies who are still too young to be vaccinated themselves. Because of the Whooping Cough outbreak in WA state within the last couple of years, we have consulted with medical professionals (including pediatricians, obstetricians, midwives and naturopathic doctors) to determine the best policy for our Listening Mothers™ community, We are asking ALL moms who participate in our group to receive a pertussis booster vaccine if they have not had one in the past ten years and babies to receive the DTaP vaccine once they are old enough for the first dose. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please email us so we can better understand your situation.