Listening Mothers

Listening Mothers

The Listening Mothers™ program offers a unique opportunity for parents of babies birth through six months of age to discover the joys of parenting.
Our science based curriculum will help you turn the present moment into a positive moment! Click class listing for available classes.

Our eight week program offers:

  • Mindful based skills to help reduce stress and encourage balance
  • An environment to discover your own inner wisdom
  • Skilled professionals & mindfully trained facilitators
  • Parent & child self-awareness with a focus on self-regulation, self-compassion and parent and child emotional development
  • Emphasis on the importance of parent/child attachment
  • Parental confidence and empowerment
  • A community of like-minded parents who aspire to be the best parents they can be and are willing to embark on the parenting journey with an open mind, curiosity and willingness to explore.

Program Goals

  • Better child/parent self-awareness
  • Healthier parent/child attachment
  • Parental confidence and empowerment
  • Promotion of thoughtful, respectful, compassionate, and well-adjusted children and adults.


Week 1: Introduction to the four corners of the Listening Mothers™ curriculum; self-compassion, self-regulation, secure attachment and mindfulness.

Week 2: Discuss baby's emotional development, understand your child’s unique character, explore the demands of motherhood, learn ways to cope with different temperaments.

Week 3: Discuss the concept of ‘falling in love with baby’. Learn how babies communicate and explore the importance of secure attachment.

Week 4: Discuss role models, previous relationships and family experiences, talk about emotional development and practice skills to self-regulate.

Week 5: Discuss your own family and the influence on your parenting style. We will also explore the concept of love.

Weeks 6: Discuss the impact of baby on your relationship, practice listening and understand the importance of modeling intimacy.

Weeks 7: Evaluate the concept and importance of vulnerability, intimacy and gratitude. Discuss maintaining healthy communication. We will look at how mindful based stress reduction skills help overcome hurdles in relationships.

Week 8: Discuss circle of security, separation and transition as your baby grows.


To find an available class, please view our CALENDAR, or scroll down.

Due to the sharing nature of the group, classes need a minimum of five and we need to cap them at eight. If you need assistance finding a group, please use our CONTACT PAGE.

If you know the group you would like to join, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM.

2014 Summer Classes:

Listening Mothers™ is thrilled to be able to offer SUMMER CLASSES. Due to travel and vacation schedules Listening Mothers™ does not generally offer summer classes. We are however thrilled to be offering three this summer:

  • Mon Jul 28 - Jewish Family Services - Capital Hill 10:30-12:00 pm - FULL - Facilitator Sarah Palmer- no class on 8/11
    - finishing up on 9/22
  • Mon Jul 28 - Lytle Center - Seattle 7-8:30 pm - 2 spaces available - Facilitator Maria Gehl
  • Wed Jul 30 - JCC - North 10-11:30 am - 2 spaces available - Facilitator Jamie Wazenkewitz

  • 2014 Fall Classes:

  • Sun Sep 7 - Lytle Center - Seattle 2:30- 4:00 pm - OPEN - Facilitator Maria Gehl
  • Wed Sep 17 - JCC - Mercer Island 10-11:30 am - OPEN -Facilitator Hagit Golan
  • Mon Sep 15 - KidsQuest Museum - Factoria - 1:00-2:30 pm - OPEN -Facilitator Jennifer Watanabe

  • Plan to join with a friend!

    See our Facilitators page to read about our experienced instructors.

Listening Mothers™ meets weekly for eight weeks. The fee is $150. In most cases there are partial scholarships available for those in need. If you have questions regarding this please let us know via the CONTACT PAGE.

Have you recently completed a class? Please take the time to tell us about your experience by taking our SURVEY.
Your feedback is important to us.

  • Mon Mar 17 - Microsoft Redmond - MS Employees - 1:00-3:30 pm