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Ellen Slater LICSW

  • Ellen Slater
    I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker providing individual, group, and couples counseling in the community. Working with mothers on the practice of Mindfulness is motivated by my belief that if we listen closely, and trust our instinct, there is deep wisdom within. The transition to becoming a mother is extraordinary and beautiful, yet is also complicated and challenging. There are many layers surrounding us that take us away from the present moment. Our culture has messages of the way we "should" parent, there are millions of professional opinions and books that imply a "right" way, and then there are internal dialogues flavored with doubt, self-criticism, or even fear. I provide tools and practices for entering the present moment, which can result in expanded awareness and freedom from limiting beliefs. Additionally, doing this in a group setting allows for connecting to other mothers and realizing you are not alone. For thousands of years mothers have gathered together and shared the experience, but in our more independent culture this has become challenging. I hope to set up a safe space where honesty, connection, and understanding can happen. These groups are focused on cultivating compassion and understanding for self, so you can connect to your inner wisdom as a new mother.

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